Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fred Herzog: Philosophy of photography

 "Content cannot be manufactured, in my opinion. That which I can find is better than that which you can make. That which we find, the work and the use of the people out there, it’s natural, that’s what ordinary people do, that interests me."

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kaufmann’s Posographe

Kaufmann’s Posographe
An instrument for calculating aperture and exposure time when taking photographs in any possible situation. For outdoors, it includes settings with values like “Snowy scene”, “Greenery with expanse of water”, or “Very narrow old street”, “Cloudy and somber”, “Blue with white clouds”, or “Purest blue”.
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Return of the Darkroom

NHPR – Word of Mouth - Segment – January 25, 2011
The mass market for film has dwindled in the digital age, but renewed interest in the tangible, nostalgic qualities of old formats may keep shutterbugs snapping film for years to come.

Darmstadt Madonna, Hans Holbein the Younger

Almost 500 years ago, Hans Holbein the Younger (*1497 Augsburg – 1543 London) created his masterpiece "The Madonna With the Family of Mayor Meyer" (the so-called "Darmstadt Madonna") in Basel. The panel, which is often compared to Raphael's Sistine Madonna, gained global renown for its long and complex origination, Holbein's ingenious and daring visual ideas as well as its highly unusual later fate.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

American Suburb X

Founded in 2008, AMERICAN SUBURB X / ASX is an ever-growing archive and fiercely edited look at photography’s massively relevant past, dramatically shifting present and rapidly unfolding future. Our mission is to provide and provoke, to educate and titillate those who are obsessed with photography, its culture and all of its beautiful moving parts.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nacho Ormaechea





Nacho Ormaecher
Spanish Art Director and Designer subscriber to Parisian cafés in recent years.
Freelance and proud of it, I use my independence to promote the tailor-made and to go along with any project from A to Z. I love the dialogue and exchange to find out what is the identity of a project and, when I have doubts, I always know whom to ask, I lead a network of creative people who complement my skills: architect, printers, editor, webmaster...